Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Aisley's Blessing Box

Giordy and I didn't christen Aisley. We don't participate in any local church,  we would never have the opportunity to gather everyone together, and while we will share and encourage her with what we believe, we want her to feel welcome to any belief she has. 

I spent quite a bit of time looking for alternatives. The only two I found were the name ceremony, and the mothers blessing.  Both required the same type gathering we were needed to avoid, and we were a little late anyhow(after all, the mothers blessing is done over a pregnant woman. Oops.)  

So we were stuck coming up with something on our own, which is not really our forte. We wanted to come up with something capable of spanning different belief systems. We liked the idea that in many churches, friends and family dedicate themselves to the spiritual upbringing of the child, and wanted the same for out child-we wanted a "village" of people blessing and supporting her in their own way. After much thought, we finally came up with an admittedly complex system.  

It all started with the flowers Giordy brought us in the hospital, with a handwritten card blessing our family. I was so in love with the gesture and his words.  We came up with a way to recreate this type of keepsake over and over. Its a similar system that makes up her "blessing box."  In the box is a bottle, a smaller box, and various bags, vials, and papers collected from friends and family. These will be her "blessings." 

The box contains small pieces of card stock. The patterned sides face out, and on the plain side, a written prayer or blessing for Aisley's spiritual life in reference to any religious or spiritual preference the writer has. We will not discriminate against any belief system of someone who loves her.  

The bags and vials each are each a nature-oriented item that represent her life on Earth. Some are representative of a hope or dream for her on earth, others are less sentimental. She even picked out a rock for herself in Sedona. (Seriously, she WOULDN'T put it down)  Maybe, one day she will be able to tell me what kind of meaning there was there.  

The bottle contains soil, dirt, or sand from different places we've taken her and places where she has been blessed. This will be the grounding tie between her bodily and spiritual blessings. 

Each time we take her somewhere new, with someone new, we intend to ask them to contribute to this box.  Its also easy to have those who won't have the chance to meet her until she's much older to contribute, even when they would never be able to attend a specific-day ceremony.

I wish I had something to do that was a little more eloquent or maybe even a little more ceremonial, but it just wouldn't work for us.   My daughter has less of a "special ceremony" day, but she's more likely to remember some of the things we do and will have special keepsakes forever.  She won't have two wholly dedicated godparents, but instead, many people who love her and have contributed to her spirituality.  At the end of it all, my daughter has something totally unique to her.  And I'm just fine with that.  :)

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