Thursday, July 10, 2014

How Full Can We Fill This Car?? +My Epic Win from Baby Jogger

Last week was mess of baffling statements and anger, so I'd like to say that this week, my family was back to some normalcy. Unfortunately, that's not the case. In a few days, we do the unthinkable.  We take a three month old to a four star resort about six hours away.  Every day that goes by, I feel like I think of more things to do.

Just for my dogs, I have a list a mile long.  Find a kennel?  Check.  Owner of the kennel wants a favor?  Sure.  Great.  Buy marrow bones and make coconut peanut better...pack up paperwork/shot records/beds/food/bribes for them?  Ugh, we'll get back to those ones.

I'm also considering what to do with Aisley.  Right now she sleeps in a Pack N Play in our room rather than her crib, so I can pack that up, but the bastards who made it never tell you that the INSERTS aren't portable, just the "toddler" type crib.  I also needed somewhere else to set her that was portable.  After much thought, I bought a Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up.  It folds flat, and since Aisley is so big on sitting up lately, it may be a godsend on vacation.

Let's face it: babies are messy.  I'm torn between packing six extras of everything or being forced to do laundry on vacation.  I'm not sure which is worse.  Right now, I plan on bringing her Pack N play with no inserts (pray for us), this chair, and drum roll, new baby jogger!!  I'm so thrilled about this.  This is a stroller that is originally $400, and I scored it for $184!  I sold my Quinny that I hated as well, so I basically spent around $11 for this upgrade.  This was seriously my face when the box showed up:

For those who don't know, my family is also into a very healthy lifestyle.  We eat organic and GMO free whenever possible, so we are staying at a condo style resort with a kitchen rather than eating out.  Our family has coordinated to bring different organic and gluten-free food to retain a healthy lifestyle.  We plan on making kale salads, quinoa pizza, curry, spaghetti squash and the like.  I'm even going to be making some coconut milk ice cream!  I'm so excited to be around like-minded people!

So I have to put three people, and two dogs in my car...along with a Pack N play, a stroller, a baby chair, a box of diapers, a box of food, a cooler, 2 dog beds, a dog kennel, 20lbs of dog food, dog bowls, dog treats, and at least 2 suitcases, if not 3.  A little over a half hour into our drive we drop off the two dogs (thank god) and have to pick up dry ice for breast milk and somewhere along the way find a Target, because god forbid we take Aisley swimming without Charlie Banana diapers.  I mean really, who can resist how adorable these are?

Besides all this, I know I'm forgetting things.  I have to bring my laptop.  I have to remember to bring all the account numbers so I can still pay bills and get things done while on vacation.  This is such a serious stress on me that I have yet to actually think about ENJOYING vacation.  I'm still trying to get everything prepped to get there.  

This is my first time going anywhere farther than Las Vegas with my princess...and this little girl is a SERIOUS princess.  Send all your prayers, well wishes, and magical tips my way, because I'm going to need them.

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