Friday, July 4, 2014

Near and Dear to My Heart

Today, I'm talking about something(s) near and dear to my heart.  Quite literally.  I'm not going to beat around the bush.  I'm a breastfeeding mother, and I'm talking about my boobs.  First things first, I'll have you notice I said I was talking about MY boobs.  Not your boobs, not her boobs, not his boobs, not communal boobs.  MY boobs.  My breasts that are the sole nourishment for my daughter.  

Recently on Facebook, a friend of mine had all of her breastfeeding photos reported.  Her photos were innocent, and she was feeding her helpless brand new baby.  Due to her security settings, she knew it had to be a so-called friend of hers.  We all rallied and defended her, and the same day, TWENTY mothers, including myself posted fresh pictures of ourselves and our little tots getting the best nutrition they will have in the entirety of their lives.  This was the first time I had the courage to publicly share myself and the special bond I share with my daughter.  My photo was liked by many of my friends, I received uplifting comments, and a few shared my photo with their own friends.  And then the shit storm started.

This morning, a male "friend" of mine with no children spoke out against breastfeeding mothers.  At the end of an exhausting and infuriating two hours, I was still baffled.  
      "Amen [name] this is exactly why I said something about being mentally mature even when I point it out they try to argue and defend something I wasn't even regaurding what I said is that nobody cares what you do. Do your own thing and keep it to yourself instead being attention whores"  


      "Beth breastfeeding fine in public as long as you use a camisole or a blanket over your shoulder they make specially designed, camisoles that are meant to go over your shoulder even if you cover yourself and your baby while you're breastfeeding we all still know what you're doing it's not like you're smothering the baby under there is a blanket have some respect for yourself and for your child"

So now we are attention whores for feeding our babies.  We aren’t metally mature.  We are told how we may be allowed to feed our children, even though last time I checked, I was in charge of my own breasts.  To all breastfeeding moms: Take note that if you are not using a cover, feeding your child is disrespectful to said baby.  

Not ten minutes after this wave my photo was reported for nudity, and another friend with no kids stated that girls who breastfeed in public have no respect.  Moms were getting upset with other moms.  

As a mom it kinda feels like the ones who breastfeed and post pictures doing it are like ‘look at me I breastfeed I'm a better mom than those who don't’ so yeah it is quite annoying. Plus I feel that is special bonding time that should be kept private.”

We are “annoying” for sharing our lives with those who should be our friends.  And to anyone who is curious, the following is directly from Facebook.  Even Facebook says its natural, beautiful, and important to mothers.

I was so upset that my picture, and my memories preserved on facebook may be erased forever.  But soon after, a sweet friend reposted my own photo on my wall, and my godsend of a husband posted this:

This concludes the argument of who has the best husband.  Its me.  Its always been me. :)

This whole day got me thinking.  It’s 5 pm, and I still can’t get over it.  I have never once had a mom walk up to me or say on Facebook “OMG why is your daughter wearing a DRESS, she should be wearing a ONESIE AND PANTS”  nor have I ever heard someone say “Why in God’s name would you use A&D instead of Desitin.  For shame!”  So why do mothers of all people believe they can say anything to each other about how babies are fed?  Each and every one of us is doing the absolute best we can.  

My beliefs on breastfeeding are clear.  If you use formula, great. You breastfeed? Also great. For my own baby, I believe in the value of breastmilk.  It is the most perfect, balanced, and pure meal she will ever have.  I need virtually nothing but love and some tough skin to breastfeed.  And I'm saving a buttload of cash.  I believe my baby and every other baby has the right to be fed anywhere they are hungry without the hindrance of eating in a dirty bathroom or sweating under a nursing cover.  If you are uncomfortable seeing such, I apologize.  It would be equally uncomfortable for everyone if I left her crying.  I’ll do my part to nurse discreetly, and if you’re still uncomfortable, that’s your right.  However, it is my right to breastfeed and my daughter’s right to eat.  I won’t put your comfort above hers.  She is innocent and perfect, and just wants to eat.  

This is what gave me my biggest satisfaction today.  And it wasn’t even me who posted it.  :)

Captioned: Isn’t this how everyone eats?

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