Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Spicy Chicken & Garbanzo Beans

I did it!  I made a meal that was healthy, organic, and almost paleo!  I absolutely LOVE this recipe, because I'm an absolute sucker for any casserole-type dish that gets thrown in the oven all at once.  Just fair warning, you'll notice that I'm SUPER precise at measuring.  I measure "some" perfectly every time.

You'll need:

  • Some oil (I use Safflower or coconut for everything)
  • Enough chicken breasts to cover a 9x13 pan
  • A small container of greek yogurt (or omit for a paleo meal)
  • Canned organic tomatoes (28oz)
  • 2 regular cans of organic garbanzo beans
  • Garlic
  • Paprika
  • Cumin
  • Crushed red pepper
  • Salt and pepper
  • Fresh cilantro
  • Lime Juice

I usually don't preheat my oven at the VERY beginning, but this recipe is fast to assemble, so if I don't, I end up waiting on the oven.  I bake this at 450.  

Put some of each of the spices in the greek yogurt, and some of each in a bowl with only a little oil.  The goal is to make it very flavorful without making it very oily.  I like my food to have a ton of flavor, but you may want to back off a little from what I've done, or it will end up wonderfully spicy.  

I keep adding until the oil is thick and dark red, and the yogurt is a creamy bright orange.  I taste test the yogurt (it becomes a sauce) and find it usually needs a good 2-finger pinch of salt.  

Put the chicken in a 9x13 pan, drizzle with a few teaspoons spiced oil, and then rub it in on both sides until your fingers are sufficiently gross.  


In a separate bowl, add drained tomatoes and beans, then top with a crapton of chopped cilantro.  Mix in the remaining oil then cover the chicken with the mixture.  Top that with salt and pepper and just a few squirts of lime juice.  Then it just goes in the oven!  I typically check after 20 minutes, but find that (in my oven) its perfectly done after 30.  Then toss it on a plate, top with a good spoonful of the yogurt mixture, then sprinkle on more cilantro.  

I like to eat my food all in a pile, but every time I give it to Giordy that way, he insults the chef by separating it all and scraping the topping off the chicken.  I gave up and just served it to him that way.  Here are each of our plates.  

Its so easy to make this and its such a delicious, hearty meal with things I usually have in my pantry.  AND, because there are just the two of us, we have leftovers.  I coarsely chop up the chicken, add in the beans/tomatoes and sauce, and then we eat it in a sandwich or topping a spinach or kale salad the next day.  


In under an hour today, I made a delicious dinner for tonight, and a great lunch for tomorrow.  #mommywin

BONUS:  This is a frequent dessert in our house.  Almost nightly.  I just top a little over a half cup of honey greek yogurt with a little under a quarter cup of granola (I only measure because the measuring cups make good scoops.)  Today, we had Love Crunch Apple Crumble, which tastes straight like the topping on Apple Crumb Pie, but is organic and GMO free, not to mention...its not pie.  Next, I think we'll try chocolate.  Probably this's calling to me, and probably to Giordy's inner female as well.  

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