Monday, July 21, 2014


Our vacation was AMAZING. To say we loved it would be an understatement. "Loved it" would simply have been spending a few days away from home. Instead, were spent a week in a beautiful town, huge resort, and visited magical places.

The drive down was better than expected. We had a few minor meltdowns, but once we dropped off the dogs there was nothing major. We managed to make a six hour trip with only three stops (and one was admittedly a Target run).  We took everything we could. The car was a mess. And in the end, we just amused Aisley with our iPhones. #badparenting 


We LOVED taking Aisley swimming.  She is a completely different baby in the water.  She's more relaxed and just loves to cuddle and watch the sun reflect off the water.  We hiked.  A lot.  Every day.  Sometimes twice a day.  A huge shoutout to mu husband who went on every hike with my daughter strapped to him in the Ergo.

In Sedona there are locations called vortexes, similar to a tornado swirl. However these vortexes are moved by uplifting spiritual energy.  We came across different areas with different levels of energy, and came up with a wonderful way of blessing my daughter for her spiritual life-something we have not done by any traditional religious means.  We each even put a single drop of Frankincense (I use this one) on each of our foreheads for grounding and introspection.  

I think the only thing we managed to really forget was bibs.  No big deal.  We brought both the Pack N Play and the stroller and Aisley slept in the stroller more than in her bed.  She even slept 7 hours straight!  I dont think its a trend that will continue, but it was a welcomed vacation surprise.  We did forget a few food things, but there were multiple natural stores, and not a damn one was a Whole Foods.  :)  I even picked up some dry goods for my pantry.  

It was so amazing.  I dont even have the words to describe it.  No matter how much I said, it just wouldnt measure up to the experience.  So on that note, I'll just flood the rest of the space with photos.  
At Montezuma's Castle

She's a natural at "hiking"
She loves her toes in the water!!

The top of Baldwin Trail
Overlooking the Valley

Looking up from the halfway point
Watching the sunset over Bell Rock

 And my favorite!  This was Devil's Bridge.  It was a little bit of a challenge, but SO worth it.
All of us on Devil's Bridge
Hubby and I up on the bridge. 

I am so in awe.  None of these are edited.   This is the world they way it is meant to look.  I know I could throw them into Lightroom and adjust some light and shadows, but I don't want to.  I want these photos as is.

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