Friday, August 15, 2014

20 Uses for Essential Oils + My FIRST 3 uses and TOP 3 uses

When I was 8 or 9 months pregnant, I somehow stumbled my way onto the radar of Essential Oils.  I was first introduced to Young Living, and then doTERRA, but I just could not stomach the cost.  Part of me always believed that a significant part of their cost was the markup that comes with any multilevel marketing company.  Think about it.  Tupperware is more expensive than Rubbermaid.  Scentsy is more expensive than Better Homes wax melts.  I knew there had to be a better alternative, and shortly after my daughter's birth, I really started looking into it.  Enter Plant Therapy.  I came across their Facebook page, and their community recipe group.  I LOVE how open this company is.  I have emailed one of two certified aromatherapists at least four times, and every time, they will continue the conversation until you are confident you have the information you need.

I've tried other brands, but haven't found the same customer service anywhere.  I could ramble all day, but instead, without further ado, here are 20 uses for my favorite essential oils!

1. Allergy relief- Equal amounts lemon, lavender, and peppermint inhaled will send allergies running for the hills.

2. Febreze- Sniff some bottles, find some you like, mix with witch hazel and spray everything in sight.

3. Repurpose your Scentsy- Put a spoonful of unrefined coconut oil in your warmer, then about 3 drops of EO to brighten up the smell of your home.

4. Bites and burns- Diluted lavender provides CRAZY relief to itchy bites and painful burns.

5. Lice prevention- Use a few drops Tea Tree oil in your kids' shampoo or detangler to ward of lice at school or day care.

6. Overactive children- Use Calming the Child on the soles of children's feet or in a diffuser for a calming effect.

7. Digestive "issues"- I'll spare you the details of what this can *ahem* stop...but Digest Aid blend can stop stomach discomfort in its tracks.

8. Stretch marks!- I use a blend of coconut oil, vitamin e, evening primrose oil, frankincense, lavender, and grapefruit and I've seen tremendous improvements in my stretch marks.

9. Laundry Stink- I add a couple drops of lemon to my husbands nasty motorpool uniforms.  It could also be used to rewash clothes that pick up a musty smell after you forget them in the washer.  (Not me.  I'm ALWAYS on top of laundry....)

10. Mopping- A Drop of spearmint or peppermint and a drop of lime can up the cleaning power of your mop water AND make your house smell like mojito!

11. Bug Spray- Make your own with natural ingredients, like Lemongrass.

12. Perfume- I find its great to rotate a couple floral oils that I love.

13. Sleep Aid- Roman chamomile, lavender, or vetiver can be an AMAZING sleep aid.  Move aside, unisom....

14. Pain Relief- Things like Bay Laurel, black pepper, clove, and peppermint can be great topically instead of conventional medicine that must be taken orally.

15. Boo-Boo Spray- A quick blend of tea tree, lavender, and frankincense can promote healing and ward off infection.

16. Tic Removal- Tics hate EOs.  A couple drops of almost any EO can have a tic tasting nasty blood and backing itself out almost instantly.  No more concern about where the little bugger's head went.

17. Mood Enhancement- You can use EOs to combat depression, anxiety, almost any mood condition.  But hey, if you wanna take it as *wink wink* mood enhancement, it can do that too.

18. Energy and Focus- Citrus oils, among others can promote alertness and mental focus, as well as providing adrenal and physical energy.

19. Colic Calm/Gas drops alternative- I use an EO blend similar to gripe water.  Instead of A having to digest anything non-nutritive, I just rub in on her tummy :)

20. Disinfecting Spray or Wipes- Some tea tree, a little castile soap, and water makes a great disinfecting spray.  For Wipes?  Remove the roll from the middle of paper towels and soak them in it.

Alright, so these are some of my favorite general uses.  I'm not even getting into what we go through when someone is getting sick or how much I love a bottle of Patchouli.  But what was it that really got me into EOs?  Here are my FIRST three uses, that changed my husband from skeptic to fanatic.

1. Migraines- My husband suffers from major major migraines.  They last about a week at a time.  I mixed 1 drop Birch, 3 drops eucalyptus, 3 drops lavender, and 3 drops peppermint.  Bye Bye headaches.

2. Aforementioned Digest Aid- A particularly troubling stomach incident 30 minutes before work?  Digest Aid made for a pleasant rest of the day.

3. "Baby toes"- A blend of my own that I sometimes use for inhalation and sometimes shamelessly massage into A's feet.  She'll go from screaming to calm and cuddly (while admittedly still needy) in a minute flat.

While these were my first 3 successes, they still aren't what I use most.  After 6 months of steady use, here are the ones I use DAILY:

1. Roman chamomile- We rub this on Aisley's feet every night before bed.  It helps relax her and prepare her to go to bed(read: knocks her out).  She is now SO used to it that she anticipates it and relaxes and plays on the bed.

2. "Red Bull"- I usually need at LEAST 2 cups of coffee to get going in the mornings.  And while I'm not giving up coffee, a few citruses, mints, or other aromatherapy adds a little pep to my step while that damn pot is still brewing.

3. Pillow Spray- I spray a little patchouli, roman chamomile, lavender, and a touch of orange all over our bed and A's little security blanket in her bed.  We ALL sleep like babies (as in, really, really hard, and then up in 4 hours to eat.  In my case, to feed)

Honorable Mention- Aforementioned Boo-boo spray.  Aisley doesn't get boo-boos that need this yet, but Giordy get some gnarly cuts at work sometimes.  He uses this more than anything for the first couple days afterwards, then pretends it doesn't exist until he turns into a big klutz again.

I love my oils.  I love them to pieces.  There are very few medical conditions that can't be helped by them.  They're great for cleaning.  They're great for every day.  (Most of them) just smell damn good.  <3

I'm not gonna get all legal here.  Some oils need to be diluted.  Some oils are not appropriate for all ages, pregnancy, or nursing.  Don't take this post as the only info you need to know.  If you're interested in using one of these 20 ideas for yourself, do your research, ask your doctor/aromatherapist, or leave a comment below for the exact ratios I use.


  1. I'm curious about your migraine blend as my husband also suffers from migraines. Do you mix all those with a carrier oil? How do you apply it - just for smelling or topically on the forehead?
    Thanks for all the ideas!

    1. I put all of this into a 10ml roller bottle filled with carrier oil. It just over a 3% dilution, so it is more for acute use and not daily use. He applies it to his temples and the back of his neck, massages in, and inhales the aroma left from his hands. About 10-15 minutes later he says most of the pain is gone, and he reapplies directly to the painful areas. Another 10 minutes and he's good to go. The great thing is that if he catches the headache early, it actually ends the migraine in 2 applications rather than a week of Bayer Migraine just to keep it at bay.
      Hope this works for you as well as it has for us!

  2. What oils do you use for "baby toes?" I love your list, I'm just discovering essential oils! Thanks! aj

    1. Thanks! I use one drop Roman Chamomile, and one drop Lavender in 10ml carrier oil. This is .6% which is great for the littles! I At one point I added a drop of clary sage as well, which made it about 1%. I like to mix it up and do new things. :)
      Check out Plant Therapy. They have great starter sets with 6-14 oils. That's how I got started.

  3. I love this post and Plant Therapy! They really are a great company. Though I do have to question the use of essential oils in babies, since topical use isn't recommended until at least age 2. After that, it depends on the oil.

    1. Thank you! I question the use of oils on under 2's as well. In fact, I questioned THREE certified aromatherapists and A's pediatrician before we tried them. With the severity of her reflux and probable colic, it was thought to be a better route than mommy insanity. I will say that I was told only to use a certain handful of oils, always at a dilution of 1% or less, and that application to MY body with her inhalation was always the better method. If there's any concern about your own child, I'd ask around for specifics first. Like I said, not meant to be an all-encompassing post :)

  4. I used the allergy blend during my hay fever season but it didn't work a bit . I must be one of those that don't react to eos.

    1. Try adding a drop of blue tansy! I've never heard of someone not reacting at all to EOs, sometimes you just have to figure out what works for you :)