Monday, August 11, 2014

All About Aisley!

Next week, Aisley will be 5 months old!  I can't even believe that she's approaching the six month mark, and I definitely can't believe the pee stick(s) told me "yes" over a year ago.  

We started giving Aisley about a tablespoon of organic oatmeal around the 4 month mark.  At first I was really against it for the sake of exclusive breastfeeding.  That's when a small voice in my head reminded me that no one gives you a badge for following AAP recommendations.  She needed the weight in her stomach for her reflux.  Medication alone wasn't doing enough, and I was fighting a losing battle to get a probiotic into her.  So I killed two birds with one stone, and gave her the damn oatmeal.  It instantly became clear she was ready.  So last week, I picked up some organic carrots, butternut squash, and bananas from the grocery store.  I cooked up all her food with breast milk, still adamant that I was just making it, not actually giving it to her.  The small voice instantly crept up again.  "She shows all the signs of being ready.  Just feed your kid."  For the past week, she's had an ounce of banana breast milk smoothie in her oatmeal, and sure enough, she was ready for that too.  Since adding the the cereal to her medication, she's removed herself from the skinny mini class of babies, and moved on to some ADORABLE thunder thighs.

Beyond that, she's made major leaps and bounds, literally in the past two weeks.  At her last doctor's appointment, she was considered developmentally delayed.  I chalk it up to her first three months of her life, where she learned nothing, but instead cried until she slept, followed by 20 minutes of napping and an hour of crying.  I truly believe if I took her into the doctor next week, she would be back on track.  That quickly.  Two weeks ago, she started mildly laughing, but it was like pulling teeth to get her to even smile.  The very next day, she witnessed her Ryry just being his stupid self, and well......I guess he's her favorite.  

That just left the "mini push up" and rolling over, and I was doubtful.  My doctor had explicitly told me to just put her on her tummy and let her figure it out herself.  She had no idea what she was supposed to be doing.  So last night, I gave in, and carefully put her up on her hands.  She almost immediately fell, but something clicked.  She cautiously pushed herself back up.  Annnd check.  Mini push up.  I was happy.  I wasn't going to push her any further, but then she pushed herself over onto her back.  I thought it was a fluke (she had rolled over twice accidentally at around 2 weeks old) and flipped her on her tummy again.  Five times in a row, she instantly flipped herself.  This morning, I left her on the floor on her back after changing her, and I returned to find her on her tummy.  She's done this twice now, and I truly believe she would do it consistently if her feet weren't constantly in her mouth.  In two weeks, my baby girl has literally managed to change her whole world.  

Looking forward, my daughter is well on her way to reaching milestones early.  Last week, before she could even roll herself over, she began sitting up unassisted.  we still helicopter her or use her nursing pillow for this but she's doing better than I could have ever believed.


I never would have believed that she could change so much in just 2 short weeks, especially after all the doctor's sputtering statistics about how she would never recover her growth curve or catch up on her milestones.  So a little shout out to Aisley's pediatric team.  I'd like to very sarcastically apologize for trusting my baby...and Aisley over here?  She would like to tell your statistics, growth curves, and general bullshit guidelines to kindly f*ck off.  :)


  1. I have to ask: are you aware that babies don't produce adequate amounts of the enzyme needed to digest grains until the 2 year molars come in and that introducing grains before then can cause long term gut damage? You might want to figure out the underlying cause of the reflux rather than potentially making the problem worse. Reflux is often caused by something in mom's diet (which actually means that mom isn't digesting food properly) and lip/tongue ties. Chiropractic can help with the symptoms.

  2. Thank you so much for your concern! I have been and am still searching for the cause of the reflux. I have gone through an elimination diet to no avail and chiro is not an option in my area. While I understand that the oatmeal is not ideal, I've been using it while looking for the cause. Fortunately, breast milk is high in amalyse, which is what babies lack for grain digestion, so I mix with breastmilk only and leave it in the fridge for several hours before feeding. I come back to find oatmeal that it partially (awkwardly) digested and much easier on her, although I do hope to find the cause.