Thursday, August 21, 2014

How I lost the Baby Weight Part 1: The Facts

Today, exactly 5 months after the day I left the hospital, I've hit my prepregnancy weight.  Today, I'll also start a 3 part series to how I managed to lose 40 lbs and 9 months of indulgence in just five months, starting with the facts.

You WILL gain more than just your baby's weight.
It would be cool as hell if we all got to waltz out of the hospital in our favorite sexy LBD and full of energy and love for our new littles.  But thanks to old Tampax commercials, we all already know Mother Nature is not our friend.  Accept it.  Look at your baby instead of a mirror and move on.

Weight means nothing.  Weight is a number.  Weight is the amount of force with which gravity pulls down on an object.  Right after we have babies.....well gravity just wants to pull us a little harder.

It is worth it.  It will always be worth it.
I don't know a single woman who would trade her children for a killer body, so let's take time and remember than obsessing about out bodies is NOT the most important thing.  Our families ARE.

The media is not fair.
I did a quick google search on "losing baby weight," and was so beyond thrilled to learn that Beyonce, Chrisitina Aguilera, Kate Middleton, and JWOWW all lost the weight in a matter of as little as THREE WEEKS.  Seriously?  What the HELL?  It also helps that they "have no idea how they did it" and "it just happened naturally."  I smell bullshit.  Its statistically impossible for this to happen to ALL celebrities.

Our bodies will never be "sexy" like they were before.
Our bodies may not be the same, but that doesn't mean that we don't or can't look great.  My husband PREFERS my body now over my prepregnancy body.

We are powerless to change what our babies have done to our bodies.
We are never powerless.  Never.  If we had the strength to change our bodies once, we can do it again.

I don't intend to play the media game.  I didn't hide in my house with a head of lettuce and a personal trainer while a nanny and wet nurse raised my baby, nor did I have a night nanny so I could keep up on the sleep/energy to entertain that personal trainer.  I'm going to be totally transparent.


First trimester weight: 125 lbs
Final weigh in: 162 lbs

And when I left the hospital: 165 lbs

Yep.  I gained more than the recommended weight for pregnancy.  I also managed to GAIN 3 pounds in the hospital, even though I lost almost 7 lbs of baby and the average 5-10 pounds of baby lifeblood that took up residence in the previous 9 months.

The world may not be ready for honesty, but I'm not into lies.  When I left the hospital, I looked about 6 months pregnant.  I even have the photos to prove it.  But it was okay, because I also left the hospital with this:

Check out that not-baby bump.......

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