Wednesday, September 3, 2014

How I saved $237 at Babies R Us!!!+ A Review on a Graco "Clone"

Mommas, take note, now through Sept 13th, you can score BIG at Babies R Us.

I bought a great infant seat for Aisley.  I love it.  Unfortunately, I don't love the 2nd base for it, which really makes it only effective in ONE car.  I thought about dropping $80 to buy another "premium" base, but when Graco came out with a new deal, I decided to purchase her convertible instead.  Here's a few tidbits on why I love this Graco Convertible carseat.   Graco makes this seat in different trims (Size4Me 65, MySize 65, Headwise, and Fit4Me 65).  Basically they are all the same shell, with different connecters and fabric.  I love the fabrics on the Size4Me, but went with the MySize just for this epic deal at Babies R Us.

          -Its feature filled, and easy-to-use.  You can adjust this seat with it already installed.  It installs with either a LATCH connecter, or a seatbelt in just a minute or so.  When I took it out to my car, to "test install" it, I turned around to give the floor model back to the sales guy and was promptly greeted with "Already?  You're done?" Yep.  In and out in under 2 minutes.
         -It fits.  It fits small cars, cars with weird reclines, and best of all, it fits MY car.  It takes up less room in my car than her infant carrier, and still will take up less room with the headrest extended.
         -Its comfortable.  I cant vouch for this myself (because we all know my ass wont fit) but Aisley says it all-by saying nothing at all.  She's a carseat SCREAMER.  Carseat?  No f-ing thank you.  Since I moved her into this seat we haven't heard a peep.  She still fights being PUT in it, but once secured she just chills and tries to eat her toes.  She's happy enough in this seat that we can use it for fun:

          -Its long-lasting.  This is currently the highest height limit seat for rear-facing on the market.  Diono has the highest weight limit, but since most kids out grow seats by height first, the height limit is also very important (especially with the genetics Aisley got from her daddy).  Seriously.  She only has this much room to grow:

Disclaimer: This is not a safe way to restrain a child in the car and is NOT recommended in this post.  Seriously guys.  This is my living room.

So how did I do it then?  Here's a breakdown of how to score BIG on this seat.  Using one coupon, two promotional deals, and one mail-in-rebate.  

Here's what I scored for $200 at BRU in addition to this car seat.  

I used a 20% off coupon (which can be found on Snip Snap) on the carseat, and got 15% off my entire purchase by applying for the BRU store card, that I was told I was not required to keep or use(though I've heard different stories from different cashiers).  Here are the retail values and out of pocket cost for my entire receipt.

Graco MySize 65 in Tidalwave- Retail $179.99
After 20% off one item (coupon) and 15% off purchase- paid $122.39

4 pack long sleeve onesies- Retail $26 
15% off- paid $22.10

Carter's Striped Dress and Sweater- Retail $24
BOGO with onesies- paid $0!

Carter's Pajamas- Retail $18 
15% off- paid $15.30

Carter's Pajamas- Retail $18
BOGO with other pajamas- Paid $0!

Carter's Vest Set- Retail $30
BRU Sale for $18, Plus 15%off- Paid $15.29

Carter's Cardigan Set- Retail $30
BRU Sale for $18, Plus 15%off- Paid $15.29

MAM binkies- Retail $5.99
15% off- Paid $5.09

Koala Wipe Off Bib- Retail $4.99
15% off- Paid $4.24

Boogie Wipes (because I was .30 short of the promotion)- Retail $1.49
15% off- Paid $1.24

And the GEM that made this worth a second trip out of town in one weekend:

Motorola MBP421 Video monitor- Retail $99.99
With a $200 purchase- Paid $0!

Bonus: Now through the end of October, Graco has a $25 mail in rebate for all car seats and travel systems over $200.  Which makes the final cost of this premium carseat under $100.  Add that to my saved cash, and I saved a total of $262!  (Or spent a total of $175 pre-tax)  Yep.  I bought all this crap for less than the retail price of the seat.  I wouldn't have had an issue paying the retail price for it (eventuallly), which means all the free stuff is just an added bonus.  
Guess who's gonna have the safest and best-dressed baby this winter......

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