Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What's to Come

Yes.  I'm slacking.  No, I'm not posting every week.  Bottom line, we aren't busy now, and I don't feel like I have much to say.  Bottom line, I'm not currently a military wife, a domestic aficionado, or even that snarky these days.  Hell, maybe I'll just take this week to update the site.  Maybe I'll take next week to update on what we're going to do with our lives, because people keep asking, and we keep having a hard time answering.  Maybe I'll find a profound end-all explanation.  Maybe.  I'm full of maybes.
I'm hoping to revamp starting in December with tons of decorating and DIY posts as we settle into our new home and create a new space for ourselves and for Aisley (Hint: Nursery remodel!)  I'm also toying around with the idea of a few videos here and there.  I'm welcoming opinions and ideas at this point.  We also have some big travel plans in the works, and Aisley's first plane ride coming up, so I'm sure there will be at least one panicked post about how even though we try SO hard to be baby minimalists, my daughter just has too much crap.  Probably a second panicked post about how the whole plane isn't big enough for all her crap, and then a final post about how it all somehow turned out.  Shocker.  Me?  Panic?  Never.

But on to this week.
What are we doing this week?  We're house sitting and dog sitting for my dad.  #Glamlife, right?  The leasing agent keeps coming to show people the house.  She inevitably shows up late, if at all, or reschedules.  This woman is not the brightest crayon in the box.  In the mean time, it pushes us out of the house with 2 big dogs and a baby...in my Nissan Rogue.  Seriously.  Check the photos from this post.  Its not THAT big.  Lucky for us, there's a great dog park about 15 minutes away, and a Petco just up the street from that.  UNlucky for us, it's rained, the dog park is muddy, and Petco isn't that fun with two dogs AND a baby.  We're running a zone defense with those three.  Ryry has finally risen to the occasion, and it seems he's just now applying the training he's had all along.  My dad's dog?  He's old, he doesn't care, and there's a treat bar over by the checkouts that he's DETERMINED to get to.  I don't know whether to thank God for the friendly employees or curse them for thinking he's so sweet and tossing treats to him here and there.

On the Aisley front, we're so thankful that she's FINALLY taken to baby food.  However, because we've been faux-busy so much, she's eaten more Ella's Kitchen than Beth's kitchen, and she now refuses spoons in favor of pouches.  I think it gives her the independence to feed herself, and lets her get only as much as she wants in her mouth at a time.  I gave in.  I finally just bought the most adorable Squooshi set.  For now, we just use the cute smaller lion and bird ones, but I'm sure we'll get on to using the bigger ones, and I'm really excited about the valved drinking lids once I trust her not to squeeze and explode the whole pouch.  This way, she gets the pouches she wants, and I can fill them with any organic food I want, or even fill them with jarred food that's literally half the cost of the pouches.  She's also taken to organic cereal in addition to the organic puffs and of course, the mum mums that introduced her to feeding herself.
Lunch in a laundry basket.  Its the freedom of pouches.  

Beyond that, she's TALKING.  Not babbling, talking.  Her word of the month?  "Mamamamamama."  Wakes up in the middle of the night?  "Mamamama"  Hungry?  "Mamamamama"  Bumped her head?  "MAMAMAMAMA"  Daddy has her?  "Mamama"  Chillin on the floor?  "Babagada"  She's clearly learned who I am.  It's hindered her signing a little, but that's okay.  I'm sure she'll still take to it.
She's also resolved that she will crawl.  Now.  It will not be a low crawl.  She WILL be on her hands and knees.  It's pretty cute, but not working out so well.  We'll let everyone know when she stops falling on her face.  In the meantime, she can scootch forward on her butt at least 8 feet, and she's made herself quite the gymnast to get things without crawling.
Exhibit A:

Yeah.  That's my girl.

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