Sunday, January 18, 2015

Excuse our Hiatus!

Its been almost five weeks since my last post.  Yes, FIVE.  For shame.  How dare I stop the "monotony" of writing and self-expression and leave my home, right?
Where could I have gone that could be more important than my desk??
Well.  Remember awhile back in this blog, when I said to expect a few weeks blogless weeks here and there while I "achieved my dreams"??  While I haven't been out making bank or saving the world, I've been achieving the most important dreams in my life: family.
The past five weeks have seen us in eight states and four airports.  The past five weeks have seen us in five different living rooms and many more kitchens and restaurants....and while we haven't hit the jackpot and filled our bank account, we've filled ourselves (and our daughter) with the strongest love. Its the ultimate dream.  After all, you only work to make the cash to support your ultimate dream (your family!!) at home.

I don't even think I can say anything to equate what this month meant to me.  I saw a city I hadn't seen in years, and beyond that, I saw all the people that lived in it that I hadn't seen in equally as long.  Too long.  Each of them in turn met my child, and all instantly gave her love that only comes from blood.   I feel like the more I say, the less clear I am and the crazier I sound, so I'll just leave it here.

She loved them so much, we almost let them keep her!  Bye, bye, Aisley!

All the traveling made for one exhausted baby, but it was so worth it.   Until next time, family, lets hope it isn't so long the next time around.  

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