Wednesday, March 11, 2015

BIRTHDAY CAKE BANNER: Aisley's 1st Birthday

Aisley's birthday is right around the corner!  We aren't really having a party, but we will get together as a family celebrate the FIRST YEAR of  Aisley's life.  I still wanted to do something beautiful for her and take lots (and LOTS) of pictures to remember the day by.  I looked through pinterest and crazy over the top $1,000 birthday parties, but its just family, so that wasnt gonna happen.  Here are a few DIY projects to put together a simple birthday party on the cheap.

DIY Cake Banner:
I hate frosting cakes.  I LOATHE frosting cakes.  I can do the simple floral designs.  I can lay fondant.  But when it comes to scrawling perfect script and letters across the top, I just can't do it.  There are really only three levels of penmanship on cake: chicken scratch, five year old, and professional.  On a good day, I pull five-year-old off pretty well, which is why when I came across a picture from Rain on A Tin Roof, I knew what to do.

The Supplies:
1 sheet Decorative Paper: $1.00 at Hobby Lobby
Letter Stickers: $1.00 at Hobby Lobby for THREE designs
Cake Pop Sticks: $2.00(ish?) at Walmart
Ribbon: $0.47 at Walmart
Hot Glue Gun and Sticks
Total: $5-cheaper than buying special tips and bags

I chose this paper and these stickers.  I got a good deal at Hobby Lobby, and I loved the chevron and cute font.  

Flip the paper over, use a straight edge to draw a "grid"....

and then cut into equal rectrangles.  

To make the banner, I took the corner of a firm notebook (yes, mustaches!!) and drew a guide line on it.  Then I slid each square under and traced the edge of the notebook, its not perfect, but its still great.  

I re-cut the squares, and found that cutting this way was much, much easier than cutting the whole shape at once.  

I ended up with a cute banner that was glittery and chevron and purple all over.  I didnt know how I could love it anymore.  But I did.  

The black simpler stickers gave it a really nice look, and brought the whole look together.  All I had to do was stick them on.  

Then I took some fine $0.47 ribbon and laid it across a piece of mustache paper that I didnt particularly care about.  I put globs of hot glue on and then pushed each of the banners on.  I went ahead and let it glue to the paper.  It was easier to peel off the stuck on paper than to be overly precise with my glue.  

This is before I even cleaned it up.  Not too shabby, eh?
I turned it around and placed a good glob of glue on the back of each.  I feel like more glue is better, I guess.  

After I cleaned it up AGAIN, I tied each ribbon around a cake pop stick and glued the backside of it.  I held it in place with my finger (slight ouch) and then wrapped it around again and glued once more to be sure.  

I love how it turned out!! I cant wait to see it in Aisley's cake!!

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