Tuesday, March 10, 2015

HIGH CHAIR AND BABY TUTU: Aisley's 1st Birthday

Aisley's birthday is right around the corner!  We aren't really having a party, but we will get together as a family celebrate the FIRST YEAR of  Aisley's life.  I still wanted to do something beautiful for her and take lots (and LOTS) of pictures to remember the day by.  I looked through pinterest and crazy over the top $1,000 birthday parties, but its just family, so that wasnt gonna happen.  Here are a few DIY projects to put together a simple birthday party on the cheap.

Aisley's high chair is super functional.  I love it.  It folds up incredibly small, came pre-assembled, and has been so easy to use and clean, not to mention all the height adjustments and recline positions it has.  Unfortunately, its not super cute, but it was a neutral pattern and the best color of that model, so we're okay with it.  But for Aisley's party, I'd like to dress it up a bit.  Enter tutus.  I CAN sew, but its not really my thing and I would never waste my time sewing something I'll only use once, so I found a no-sew way to proceed. 

The Supplies:
1 roll Purple Tulle: $3.97 in the Walmart Sewing Department
1 (bigger) roll Teal Tulle: $3.97 in the Walmart Wedding department
1 3 foot elastic strip (1 inch width): $1.79 at Hobby Lobby
Total: Less than $10 for MORE than one tutu

This was seriously easy.  It took me LESS than an hour, and I made dinner at the same time.  First, I rolled out the tulle, and cut it at about 30".  I just eyeballed it.  It makes it around a foot long when all is said and done.
After that, I laid out the elastic.  One at a time, I folded the tulle pieces in half, laid them behind the elastic, and then pulled the ends through the little "loop" it made.

Then, all you have to do is pull it tight!  And repeat, and repeat, and repeat.  I took a nice break when it was about child-sized.  Adorable right?

On each end, I looped the elastic over the last tulle loop, and then stapled it, because I didnt feel like sewing THAT much.  

And that was it!  On the back of the exposed elastic, I used stick on velcro to stick it to my high chair, but you could use half of the velcro on each side to make an easy on/easy off tutu for your kid.  After her birthday, I plan to cut this shorter and it as an Aisley tutu as well.  
So for $10, we have a teal Aisley tutu, a Multicolor high chair tutu, and (eventually) another Aisley tutu.  I'm so stoked!

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